About Exciting Curiosity

Bio PicExciting Curiosity is all about the love of learning and technology, and is led by Jenni Robertson.

Exciting Curiosity’s misson is to inspire learning by exciting back into life the curiosity we had when we were young, and for our young learners to keep and nurture their curiosity. In this site you’ll find videos, books and quotes that have inspired me to step up the campaign for curiosity, alongside thoughts on life, learning and technology.

I hope you find something that makes you curious too.


About Jenni

Jenni started off her career as a high school music teacher in Edinburgh, Scotland. With a passion for technology and learning she became an Apple Distinguished Educator in 2006 and continues to build on that expertise. In 2009 she joined the City of Edinburgh Council’s Digital Learning Team, encouraging educators from all sectors and stages to embrace technology and enhance the learning experience.

In January 2014 Jenni took up a new post at Tynecastle High School in Edinburgh as teacher with responsibility for support of learning through innovative ICT use.

She was also a part of the SQA Qualification Design Team for the new NQ in Music Technology and is an Apple Education Trainer. Jenni works part-time in school and the rest of the time working freelance and exciting curiosity in anyone she can find!

What we do – training & support

Based in Edinburgh, Jenni has worked with many schools, educators and learners of all ages across Scotland, the UK, Europe and the Middle East, delivering workshops and training sessions around the use of technology in the classroom. As an experienced teacher Jenni is able to work alongside educators in their classrooms, across all sectors, modelling in real situations how technology can be used to enhance learning and teaching. Jenni has delivered various sessions to students in initial and probationer teacher training, and has also spoken at a number of recent key events.

To find out more about the training and support that Jenni can offer please email jenni@excitingcuriosity.com

One of the best training courses I’ve ever attended. Full of practical advice and tips. Thanks.

Thank you for providing a truly creative and inspiring course.

Very engaging and well paced. Thank you – ready to try new apps and ideas in school.

Why we’re exciting curiosity…

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. Pablo Picasso.

This quote hung on my classroom wall for years. At first, I just liked the sound of it. Being a music teacher, I used to change it to “Every child is a musician…” Having seen and heard educators shy away from embracing technology, and ultimately learning, I understood what Picasso was talking about:

Every child is curious. The problem is how to remain curious once we grow up.

I’m curious about technology. I have been since I was a little child. If I saw a button, it was probably going to get pushed! While supporting and observing educators working with technology over a number of years, I have seen many educators thrive with technology but also many struggle, and I couldn’t really understand why. After lots of thinking, the realisation that not all brains were wired to just push buttons and see what happened, chatting it all over with friends and colleagues and coming up with various theories, the penny finally dropped – somewhere along the line many folk had become afraid to try new things, had stopped being curious and lost their love of learning. And so Exciting Curiosity began…

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