Advanced Teacher Institute Conference 2016

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 13.59.42Great EdTech CPD opportunity coming up in April – the Advanced Teacher Institute (ATI) Conference 2016 is about pushing the boundaries of technology in education. Taking place over the 14th and 15th of April, it will deliver some of the best CPD available. Check it all on on the conference website here.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 14.01.35ATI2016 takes place over 2 days at Malvern College in Worcestershire, England. One-day tickets are also available. There are discounts available for groups and great options for those travelling from further afield, like free accommodation on the 13th… If one day is all you can make then there is a one day ticket available too.

I’ll be leading workshops on Designing and Delivering Creative Learning Experiences, Apps for Animation, and Creating Engaging Learning Environments – all with iPad. There are lots of other workshops led by amazing educators on Learning through Game Design, Lego Digital Storytelling, Showbie (not just for assessment), iOS Film Techniques and Augmented Reality – to name a few!

Book directly on the website here

International Space Station Resources

International Space Station Resources

Since watching the beautiful and moving timelapse video put together with images from the International Space Station, I’ve become curious about everything Space Station! There are a number of different resources I’ve been using to find out about life on board the Space Station and also the support that it requires to function.

Space Station Twitter Pic
@Space_Station This is the Space Station’s Twitter account and my main source of info for all things Space Station. This account also retweets tweets from the astronauts on board so it’s a great place to start finding out about who is up there, what it looks like and the sorts of experiments and work they are doing right now.

NASA Space Station website Lots of info here on what’s going on “Off the Earth, For the Earth” including links to ‘Space Station for Students’ where you can take part in experiments and look at cool resources from the Space Station, and the related ‘Space Station for Educators’.

The European Space Agency has information on the International Space Station and the parts of the Space Station that the ESA has responsibility for.

Where is the Space Station right now? This website shows … Read more...

My First MOOC Activity

Alongwith my first MOOC experience with Model Thinking (see post about that here) I signed up for a short course on Web Science with the University of Southampton thanks to a chance hearing of Dame Wendy Hall on Radio 4 who got me hooked with her enthusiasm and a tweet from @srjf. My first activity is to “create your own timeline of key factors leading to the development of the Web, such that you could explain it to general audience.” A quick google for ‘how to create a timeline online’ led me to and I managed to pretty quickly create the timeline that should be embedded below (if you can see Flash things. If you can’t see it below you could try here. I wish I’d realised it was Flash based before I started…). There’s a bit of a gap between 1910 and 1964 and after about 2008 but if I spend a bit more time on that we could fill them up.