I can’t remember how I got to it, but at some point this summer I discovered explore.org. Explore is a website (and App) jam packed full of webcams about animals and nature, films, photos and information on a huge range of topics.

“Explore is for everyone who enjoys learning new things and understands that education is a lifelong pursuit. To that end, explore provides a variety of educational resources — from articles to films and photographs to interactive maps — to encourage everyone to “never stop learning.” We like to think of ourselves as Sesame Street for adults.”

The first webcam I saw was trained on a place called Brooks Falls in Alaska where brown bears come to fish. It still doesn’t stop being amazing that we were able to watch bears roam freely from nearly 4000 miles away! (Probably a good distance to keep…) Then we clicked on lots of other webcams and were inspired by all of the wildlife we could see from all over the world and also domestic rescue animals we saw being looked after.

Beluga Whale watchingOne evening I was also lucky enough to click in at the right time and be part of a Beluga whale watching trip!! I couldn’t believe it. It felt like I was right there on the boat and the tour guide was speaking directly to us as well! It was brilliant.

There is so much to explore in explore! I highly recommend it as a resource which will keep you amazed and inspired by the world around us. Thank you explore 🙂

Exploring Explore.org
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