About a week ago I found sparkyteaching.com I can’t remember exactly how it happened, but I ended up looking at their Messages that Matter. These resources are truly inspirational. At first I was taken with poster #2, ‘Learn what counts’ and then saw #10, ‘Live Curiously’ and it felt like someone had put these together just for me! That feeling didn’t stop there – on their blog post ‘The Lost Art of Nurturing Sparks‘ (read it, it’s fab) I also found the same Picasso quote that hung on my classroom wall for years! Click here to read more on that one…

The Messages that Matter are all beautifully designed, wonderful pieces of encouragement and truth that should feature in every classroom and home. Maybe a bus stop campaign?! Each message encourages you to live the best life you can and do the best for every student (person!) you meet. It has certainly encouraged me to think about the ways in which we speak to each other as educators, students, parents and children alike.

 Messages That Matter

It’s about seeing the little people who sit in front of us every day as individual characters not numbers or levels, recognising their sparks and what makes them them.

I would really encourage you to visit sparky teaching and have a good look around their site – it’s not just motivational posters, there are lots of resources especially around thinking skills and creativity for you to use in your classroom. It’s brilliant.

Thank you Sparky Teaching.

Messages That Matter
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